Updating content on web page

Blogging and updating a news section of a website are two ways to keep content changing and fresh.Changing your site content often is important due to the way search engine bots and spiders “crawl” your site.Search engines, like Google, have their own automated “bots” which crawl all of the websites on the internet.They do this in order to index information about your site, providing searchers with the best possible results for their given search query.There are a number of WYSIWYG editors and here you can explore the things you can do with them.Our list consists of 4 Adobe products, a CMS and the latest DMXzone's Online Page Editor Add-on with the Advanced HTML Editor 3, all great but yet effective enough?To reload the web page from the server, refresh the browser, which can often be done by pressing the F5 key on the keyboard.If you have uploaded the file to a different directory or it was corrupted during the upload it will not change the page you are refreshing.

If you are uploading an update to a page or image and are not seeing changes give it a few minutes.This may seem obvious, but it is not an uncommon problem.If the page has been saved it is likely your Internet browser is loading the page from its cache instead of from the server it is stored on.As a web designer, in your daily workflow, you often face the never-ending content revisions requests from your clients.Usually those changes are limited to some point but wouldn't it be easier if they can just do it themselves?Updating your website content is a vital aspect of search engine optimization (SEO).


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