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El municipi de Terrades està situat a 12 km de Figueres, a la conca de les rieres Rissec i Murga, encaixat entre muntanyes al centre d’una vall reduïda.

És un poble tranquil, predominantment agrícola i ramader, i gaudeix d’un clima agradable i molt favorable per al cultiu del cirerer, la qual cosa ha permès que les cireres de Terrades gaudeixin d’una qualitat excel·lent i siguin especialment apreciades arreu dels mercats.

It is described as having been sent down by God to the Hidden Imam and subsequently revealed by him to the Bāb (for details, see Mac Eoin , Ph. Only about 100 short pages long, it is an unsystematic collection of replies to questions together with prayers; it contains a particularly interesting passage detailing the daily routine of the seeker ( IV, p. It is said to have consisted originally of 700 , between May and June, 1845. Not mentioned by name in the , which includes seven interesting but scarcely radical rules prescribed for the Bāb’s followers at this juncture. 3-4) and is of particular importance in helping us form a clear picture of his thought at this juncture, especially since it seems to represent his first effort at addressing a wider audience than the Shaikhi . This commentary consists largely of highly abstract and insubstantial speculations on the verses, words, and letters of the in question.

44); it was seized at the time of the Bāb’s arrest in June, 1845, and thrown into a well in Shiraz, from which it was later rescued in a seriously damaged condition. It contains fourteen sections interspersed with unnumbered sections and deals with the observances and prayers for important dates in the Muslim calendar. It is known to the present writer only through quotations in later works, but at least one ms. Of considerable importance are two works probably composed shortly after the Bāb’s return to Shiraz in July, 1845. Of greater interest are numerous Hadiths quoted in a section toward the end, which indicate the Bāb’s familiarity with works of tradition and his concern with prophecies relating to the advent of the Qāʾem. Preliminary materials for a collated edition based on six mss.

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