Kitty katswell dating dudley puppy fanfiction

:)A tan cat girl walked into a black room as several monitors turned on showing only darkened figures "Agent, we have received information that one of the Breaches of the Undercover Fighting Force has obtained a top secret weapon, created by a high class villain known as Bird Brain, he is a mad genius and has almost destroyed the world a couple times with his mad schemes, however this device isn't a normal doomsday machine, we don't know what it does, or why it was made, we want you to go to it's location and find out everything you can about it" the girl nodded and they continued."The location is actually in your home town, as you know you are not to tell anyone what you are and how you know about the weapon must never be known, your home town as you know is in Petropolis, go into the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force and investigate that machine, if anyone learns about what you truly are, you will be on your own, good luck Agent" the cat girl nodded again and left the room.*Meanwhile* A tan cat girl smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror, her black hair was in her favorite style with a headband and her green eyes sparked "Heehee, even on the job, I should look my best" she messed with her eyelashes when the building shook "Wha!? " she covered her eye with her hand "What was that!? Kitty could see she had been crying again from the tear marks on her furry cheeks " punishing yourself over Eve's..know?

" she got up and the building rumbled again, she heard a loud drilling sound in a lab marked with a sign saying Luna's lab."Luna..." She sighed and walked over to the doors and knocked on it loudly "LUNA!? " Luna found a stool and sat down "Do you think I deserve to have a good life after all that's happened?

And since that certain holiday was Valentine's day, all the villains had finished their schemes early and their plans had been thwarted by the best TUFF Agents of all time, Kitty Katswell and Dudley Puppy.

Canon with most of my other stories, may turn M at some point.All in all, they were managing their eagerness too well, at least to their standard.- WHY TIME DOESN'T GO ANY FASTER?!- Dudley said while he slammed his head several times against a wall.- Stay calmed, Agent Pu-Pu-Puppy, time doesn't slow do-do-down nor goes any faster for no man.Hope it's still good.)It was a fair day in the city of Petropolis, except for the fact that F. " Katrina reminded her."And did Dudley say what it was? Once they were far away from everybody, Katrina said, "Are you out of your mind?! " Kitty said."Kitty, you've been all over him because of his looks! Besides, remember when Dudley was able to predict the future? He will let you do anything to him, and I mean anything!


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