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A variety of different mixes have been used for nutrient enemas throughout history.A paper published in Nature in 1926 stated that because the rectum and lower digestive tract lack digestive enzymes, it is likely that only the end-products of normal digestion such as sugars, amino acids, salt and alcohol, will be absorbed.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I was invited to a dinner at my cousin house and was surprised that his wife acted like a match maker and invited one of her Co-workers too. We had dinner then sex and after few orgasms we laid naked in bed listening to music.

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Enema was the band's first album to feature second drummer Travis Barker, who replaced original drummer Scott Raynor.

I got so nervous about the whole situ that I thought I’d have a drink or two before arriving. She made a moderately funny joke, which ignited some kind of insane bout of nervous laughter in me that physically removed me from my barstool to the floor.

My flatmates watched and encouraged me gulp down more than a few before I stumbled off to meet the lucky girl. Cue some loud comments about bad quality chairs in bars, and you’re just about getting an idea of how smooth I really am. Cliona kicked everything off by telling us how she accidently signed up for a little more than just a dinner date: One time a guy I’d met at a club and agreed to a date with, picked me up and said we had to really quickly swing by ‘somewhere’ before dinner.

A nutrient enema, also known as feeding per rectum, rectal alimentation, or rectal feeding, is an enema administered with the intent of providing nutrition when normal eating is not possible.

Although this treatment is ancient, dating back at least to Galen and a common technique in 19th century medicine, nutrient enemas have been superseded in modern medical care by tube feeding and intravenous feeding.


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