Duggar family rules on dating

On the bright side..least they don't have to worry about naked selfies? Dates Are Chaperoned: Parents accompany their children on dates in order to maintain their "accountability." It "keeps things from going in the wrong direction," explains Jim Bob.

Not, you know, being raised in a family that prides itself on reproduction and repression and basically forbids a woman from saying no.

Instead of going to the police, Jim Bob and Michelle sent Josh Duggar to an Arkansas state trooper's house for "a stern talking to," then he came home and, you know, lived in the same house with the girls he molested already.

(This Arkansas state trooper, Joseph Hutchens, later went to prison for child pornography charges.

It's no secret that the Duggars have some of the strictest family rules — so much so, that even Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's own kids slip up sometimes!

We know that Jinger Duggar has been making headlines since she decided to step out in shorts and pants since marrying Jeremy Vuolo, which goes against the girls' "modest" dress code.


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