Drew barrymore and hugh grant dating who is leonard cohen dating

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Series 16, Episode 6 Thursday 7 April 2016 Channel 4 – 10pm Guests: Jamie Oliver, Amanda Holden & Alesha Dixon, Sex Box’s Goedele Liekens, Nick Luck and music from Fifth Harmony CLIP: Alan Carr saws Amanda Holden in two! CLIP: Will Arnett’s sinister voice CLIP: Dirty Countdown with Jimmy Carr Alan Carr: Chatty Man! CLIP: Universmeaty Challenge with the cast of Fresh Meat CLIP: The Voice coaches talk about crushing people’s dreams CLIP: Making The Voice coaches minging… Series 16, Episode 3 Thursday 17 March 2016 Channel 4 – 10pm Guests include: All Saints in their first TV interview since reforming plus Steve Coogan and Channel 4 cast of The Aliens, Michael Socha and Michaela Coel.

The beam of a torch was shinning in their eyes and a voice was telling them to "please step out of the car". They were on a routine patrol in the red light district of the Strip. The driver, you see, kept pushing his foot down on the brake pedal during his illicit tryst with the prostitute.

Their attention had been drawn to the BMW because the brake lights kept flashing "on and off" ... "I guess he was having a really good time," she says.

The prostitute in question was Divine Brown and the foot belonged to Hugh Grant. Tens of thousands of words have been written about what happened that night 12 years ago, but, until now, Ms Brown has never spoken about the almost farcical scene that preceded their arrest for lewd behaviour.

The revelation emerges in an interview with Ms Brown to be broadcast on ITV1 tonight.


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