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Taking dating online to a whole new level, Spin Labs recently introduced a new app called Spin the Bottle that connects users to nearby single users and have a 30-seconds video chat with them.The app makes use of a virtual bottle that players can spin to decide who they video-chat with, in hopes of discovering a date.En la salas de Dale Chat también se puede escuchar la radio.

If the two users like each other, they can give their date a kiss and see if they return the affection.

This functionality isn’t exactly ideal, as it prevents you from simultaneously watching the video and seeing your messages, instead forcing you to keep switching between the two apps.

People who have phones with split-screen functionality can actually view both apps at once right now, but this isn’t a widely available feature yet and the layout isn’t great anyway.

After the clip was shared online, Ms Sonkur is said to have reported the incident to police.

However, it is understood that no official complaint was filed.


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    Following the threats, the woman and her father flew to Dubai to file a complaint against the man who was then arrested.

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