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actress stopped by Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show this morning and let loose about a variety of topics like Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, strippers and, um, oral sex.

Paltrow certainly didn't hold back when asked all the tough, personal questions by Stern—she even broke her silence about her ex's new leading lady, Jennifer Lawrence!

In which we explore the claim that chewing this (or any other) "curiously strong" brand of mint before performing fellatio (oral sex) enhances the pleasure of the receiving party.

Description: Urban legend Circulating since: November 1997 (email version)Status: Matter of opinion (details below)(Have you had them?

She finally figured it out: she's a smoker, and before getting intimate with him, she had gone to the bathroom to "freshen up." Not having a toothbrush, she crunched on about four Altoids and then got busy. So she passed this little tidbit on to another female sales weasel, who immediately tried it out on *her* fiance. Having a box of Altoids on your desk is now like being part of the Secret Blowjob Goddess Society.

Apparently this guy has never, ever been into oral sex, but liked the mint sensation so much that he asked her to stop and chew another Altoid mid-blow job. It's the equivalent of having the hottest car or coolest computer.

once you get acquainted they will come to your flat. After I visited her 4-5 times she became very friendly and arranged girls of my liking. Women arrested in the raid were from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

It makes me feel very uncomfortable and often elicits a gag reflex/panic response.POLICE IN THE Canadian city of Winnipeg have apologised after some of their officers accidentally broadcast an “inappropriate” conversation about oral sex from a helicopter hovering overhead.The incident took place on Monday night, with several members of the public tweeting about it as it happened. Oral equality: I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost a year, and we enjoy a great sex life.He really enjoys performing oral sex on me and does it frequently.But he's settled down and his wife is awesome." She also added that "he wasn't in a good place in his life to have a girlfriend," and explained that she was "more shallow" in her twenties when it came to picking her suitors. On Girls' Night With Jennifer Garner: Paltrow continued to gush about Affleck's wife, saying, "Now only is she beautiful but she's so warm, she cooks, and she's so into her kids and she's great. The Oscar winner added, "I had a girls' dinner and she came over. Is that [our relationship] was before the days of videos on your phones so we had nothing! On Chris Martin's Child-Naming Skills: Despite getting a ton of flak for naming her first child Apple, Paltrow pointed the finger at her ex for coming up with the unique moniker all on his own. Paltrow clarified, "You don't have to always fight. Show him that he's a man, and it's a good thing energetically to do." Stern interjected that "a lot of guys are insecure" when it comes to dating such well-known, powerful women.


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