Adukt chat bots on android

This can mean that if you have a News Bot, it is programmed to respond to expected questions people will ask it.

If people ask for “breaking news” it is automated to respond with links to breaking news stories.

However, shopping or searching with these AIs is much less efficient than using standard web tools.

You might choose to contain your use of Bots to one app or platform, or perhaps you’re more inclined to using a range of Bots across different platforms.

With a more interactive Bot like a Trivia Bot, it’s designed to send you questions and determine whether your answers are wrong or right.

It’s also quite possible to develop your own Bots on code free platforms.

Though the concept of a computer feigning manners is about as fresh an idea as yet another emo Nicholas Sparks movie, tech companies are tripping over themselves in their rush to create "intelligent" chatbots and digital assistants.

From Facebook's new chatbots that allow you to order flowers, to Microsoft's always-chatty Cortana helping you book a hotel room, it seems like all the major tech companies want to provide you with witty virtual concierges.


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